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In July 2013, China overtook the USA to become the UK’s largest non-EU import partner country with a total import trade of £2.6 billion, accounting for 16.4 per cent of the total value of UK’s non-EU import trade.


When importing there are a number of things you will have to consider. This may range from managing long-distance relationships to organising international transport and customs clearance.


Our goal is helping a UK SME understand the China market and how your products can fit there.


We will also help a China SME understand Europe market.


Additionally we can help UK SME to find and manage relationships with suppliers in China or other Asia countries.


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We can Identify a good, legitimate and reliable supplier and check the supplier is cedible and can meet your quality standards.


You should assess product quality and check that the goods you buy are suitable. You need to know whether the supplier outsources any work to subcontractors.


That is what we will do for you.